Austin Family Farm

Fresh Produce and Honey
Paonia, Colorado
145 miles from Simple Foods Market

Austin Family Farm is nestled in a pristine mountain valley at the edge of Colorado's West Elk Mountains.  Glenn and Tony Austin have nurtured the soils and pioneered sustainable growing methods since 1970.  You might say that soil runs through their veins.  Coming from 7 generations of farmers they hope to see many more generations live on the farm and learn to unlock the secrets of its bounty.  Fulfilling their farming dreams, three generations of family now live and work on the Austin Family Farm.  Their children and grandchildren are learning to coax nutrient-rich produce from the soils of their beautiful valley.  Over the decades they have dedicated themselves to growing quality produce with methods that they refer to as "non-certified organic".  Their farming practices go "beyond organic" and are "gentler" than organic standards.  Austin Family Farm welcomes the opportunity to share their passion for their simpler lifestyle with all who desire to get closer to the soils that sustain them while supporting local agriculture.